The Ruesch Legacy

The Ruesch legacy of fine vehicles and racing dates back to the 1930s with race car legend Hans Ruesch. Ruesch drove for Alfa Romeo, Maserati & Ferrari in races all over Europe winning 27 races, 5 Grand Prix's and culminating in the stunning victory of the 1936 BRITISH GRAND PRIX.

Forty years later, RUESCH Motor Co. founder “James Ruesch” continues in the legacy of his name. As a young driver of Nascar in the early 90’s Ruesch discovered a passion for speed & performance. Today Ruesch has turned his attention to the exciting world of off road vehicles.

RUESCH is not a company accustomed to anything but the best. While other companies build machines that appeal to the masses, RUESCH is a company that builds for those with a taste for the best—those who need the power and reliability to win.

Everything about the RUESCH ideology is centered around winning. Those who push their machines to the limit will appreciate the race ready performance delivered by RUESCH.

A different kind of Company
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